Best Transcription Services and Tips to Follow

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Having audio or video content makes you worried about the number of hours you need to devote and process it? That is a natural thing, it may be time-consuming. But, where there is a problem – there is a place for solutions.

Asking for and applying for a professional transcription service may save lots of previous hours and effort. You will be able to redirect those easily to more important things to do. Interested in how transcriptions are arranged and how can you benefit from them?

Transcription Services: How Are They Organized

If you have audio or video materials to work on, they have a certain length. Transcription software applies advanced AI technologies to recognize speech and transfer it into a textual form. Depending on the length of a recording, content transcribed can be made even within a couple of minutes. That is an easy thing. But, there are a few points to keep in mind.

The quality of the final transcripts greatly depends on the quality of initial recordings and the advancement of the technologies applied. If we speak about the quality of the recording, background noises, accents, and similar things – they have an impact. Some jargon and professional words have an impact on the quality of recording also.

Technologies applied to making the content transcribed matter a lot. The more advanced technologies are applied – the better quality of the final content transcribed will be. AI technologies are the best and most widespread options in this case. This is how transcriptions are arranged and what factors matter for the final results.

What Things Can You Transcribe

Theoretically, you may already see the benefits of using transcription services. But, speaking more precisely, they can be effectively applied in many cases:

  • Phone calls

If you have any important phone call, its content can be transcribed easily. You will identify valuable points you could miss before.

  • Business meetings

Had important meetings but had lost important details? These are easy things to restore. Transcription services may help with identifying core points that were said during the conversations. Moreover, it is a good thing to look at these conversations from a different perspective and notice things that could not be obvious earlier. Having content transcribed helps to see ideas for successful negotiations and business decisions.

  • Employment-related recordings

Some important points were lost while hiring some of your employees? Identifying those using transcription services is an easy thing.

  • Podcasts and online courses

If you have interesting podcasts you like but are totally limited in time to listen to them, transcription services can work perfectly for that. You may easily get a text to look through within a couple of minutes rather than listening to it for hours. That saves time a lot and you will also be able to highlight important points to come back to later. Taking into account that the quality of the recording is usually high there, making transcriptions takes minutes.

Transcribing the materials of online courses may also facilitate the process of processing such a lot. This is especially important taking into account that online courses will be surely prioritized during the next few years.

In fact, the scope of potential application in the case of transcription services is unlimited. Any info saved in audio or video format can be easily transcribed. Wish to know more about how to choose a good transcription service? There are simple criteria to keep in mind while assessing any option provided.

How to Choose Your Best Transcription Service?

If you are interested in getting content transcribed and want to make your choice to the point, there are easy to follow things:

  • Prefer services that offer a high level of accuracy – even for recordings that seem to be hopeless, it is a possible thing to reach the level of accuracy of 80%+. An automated transcription service may guarantee you an 80-90% level of accuracy. And professional human transcribers may ensure even a 99%+ level of accuracy. You need precise texts from the recordings you have. It is a possible thing to do.
  • Don’t choose too expensive options – it is a wrong belief that quality transcription services should cost millions. In fact, advanced technologies ensure quality-time-cost balance. It is enough to pay around 0.25$ for automated transcription services and around 1.25$ for professional human-made transcription services.
  • Processing recordings doesn’t take too much time nowadays – again, modern technologies allow to process recordings in a couple of minutes only. In specific cases where professional human-made services are necessary, the timing may be 12-24 hours. But, it doesn’t take too long in general.

These are easy-to-follow pieces of advice. Take those into account while assessing Internet available options. But, if you are limited in time for doing that, here is a TOP list of worthy transcription services to choose from even now.

Highly Recommended Transcription Services

Being limited in time for processing different recordings is a problematic thing for sure. If your time is limited to the extent that you can’t devote to searching, get a quick list of the best transcription options to use.

  1. Transcriberry

This transcription service is among TOPs as it renders quality and time-cost effective services to its users. It will be suitable for podcasts, meetings, interviews, and different educational and marketing materials. It has a secure website and a transparent pricing scheme. Services are rendered here in a timely manner using powerful software. The quality assurance function also works well here. This company has many positive reviews from previous users.

Accuracy level is very high here – up to 99%+. The company has not only advanced software but also more than 50,000 professional subscribers worldwide. This service is especially helpful with transcribing complicated texts, including catching difficult words and professional terminology. It operates fast with processing the recordings. Prices are lower than the average ones in the market and compared with the main competitors.

It is possible to transcribe here the files in the most popular formats, like AVI, DVD, MP3, MP4, WAV, and many others. This service has a very helpful team of support agents. This is surely a good service to get timely, cost-effective, and accurate transcription help.

  1. GoTranscript

This is a totally human-powered transcription service that will serve complicated cases. If you have an unclear recording, with lots of background noises, professional terms, and similar things, this platform can work in these cases. This company may serve very well for such kinds of materials as interviews, dissertations, lectures, seminars, webinars, and similar content.

The level of accuracy is naturally high here – up to 99%+. The company has lots of positive reviews from its previous users. Still, using its transcription services may be a time-consuming thing – from 6 hours and up to a couple of days depending on the complexity of a task.

Prices are also very decent here – starting from $0.20 per 1 minute of recording. But, the price for the services strongly varies depending on the urgency of an assignment – with the highest rate of $2.50 per 1 minute of recording. The pleasant thing is the availability of discounts – 5%, 10%, and 15% in certain cases.

Some good features are also available here – editor and timestamp (manual). The service is secure enough to navigate. Customer support and quality assurance are also at a good level.

  1. Scribie

This is another company worthy to recommend as it provides accurate transcription services, charges affordable rates for those, and has an effective online editor. This option may be helpful for processing different podcasts, lectures, interviews, conference calls, and many other types of recordings.

This platform combines the services – it provides both automated transcription service and human transcript service.

The overall turnaround time is quick here. Depending on the chosen service, it may take up to 30 minutes to process the recordings using automated options and around 24 hours – to process materials with the involvement of professional human transcribers.

This company may ensure a good level of accuracy for clear and quality recordings only. In the rest of the cases, the level of accuracy is between 80% and 95%. Difficulties may appear with ambient noises and different distortions as well as with professional terms.

The prices are a bit lower compared with the rest of the market options. The manually-transcribed recordings may cost around $0.80 per 1 minute and automatic transcriptions – around $0.10. This is one of the cheapest services in the market.

Among the free features, there are speaker tracking, editor, and audio time coding. Confidentiality is also at a high level here. Encryption is applied for better security.

  1. Temi

This is an AI-based speech-to-text transcription platform. It can serve as a helpful option for fast audio to text and video to text conversion. The level of accuracy here is around 90-95%+ and varies depending on the quality of incoming recordings. The platform can deal with cross talks, background noises, and foreign accents quite effectively.

The time of processing is very short – sometimes 5 minutes are required only. This timeframe is ensured thanks to the application of advanced AI technologies. So, the short time of procession doesn’t mean the low quality in this case.

The prices for local services are reasonable – $0.25 per 1 minute of recording. The good point here is the availability of a free trial that opens all features for processing a recording up to 45 minutes in length.

Extra features are available too. Timestamps may be placed easily. API integrations are also provided. Editing the content transcribed is also available.

Privacy is at a level, its support, and quality assurance as well. Using this service is a convenient thing for fast and effective results.

Final Words

If you want to optimize your workload a lot, transcription services can serve as very helpful options for that purpose. Processing audio and video content may take dozens of minutes only instead of hours and days. Process phone and conference calls, podcasts, materials of online courses, and many other resources. Helpful transcription services provided in this article will help for quick references. Pay attention to the accuracy level, time of procession, and prices while choosing your best transcription service.

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