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Have you heard of Testoryze? If you suffer from a lack of testosterone, this supplement could be very helpful for you. In contrast to other testosterone preparations, no pure testosterone can be found in this product, but the components contained stimulate the formation of the hormone.

By taking the preparation regularly, an existing deficiency can be compensated for or even prevented. An estimated 40 percent of German men are deficient in this sex hormone. And the consequences can be far-reaching.

Since this hormone is mainly required for sexuality and fertility, the first signs of a deficit show up in a restricted libido and potency. To what extent Testoryze can actually help, we found out for you in an independent test.

testoryzeWhat is Testoryze?

A testosterone deficiency can occur at any age and accordingly make life difficult for those affected. Normally, patients with such a hormonal deficit are prescribed special testosterone preparations in which the hormone is contained in high doses. However, taking such drugs is not entirely harmless to health.

However, the manufacturer of Testoryze followed a completely different path in the manufacture of its preparation. He relies on components from nature to stimulate the body’s own testosterone production. By taking the supplement, which is sold as drops, the body is stimulated to produce the important hormone on its own. In this way, there can be no hormone excess, but the body’s own testosterone level is kept at a constant level.

By taking Testoryze, you can primarily optimize your sexuality in the form of an improved libido and stronger and longer-lasting erections. But also muscle building, weight loss, mental abilities, and physical and mental well-being can be improved by having enough testosterone in the body.

What does the Stiftung Warentest say?

As mentioned earlier, from a medical perspective, prescription testosterone supplements are the first choice of treatment for deficiency. These drugs have been mentioned again and again in various test reports by the independent consumer organization in recent years.

However, during our research, we could not find any information that Testoryze had been tested or examined by Stiftung Warentest. For this reason, we have decided to conduct our own self-test, the results of which you will find below.

Testoryze in the test – we checked the effect

The primary goal of our Testoryze test was to find out whether men with a testosterone deficiency can actually rely on the effects of the drops. For an authentic result, we asked a volunteer subject to take the preparation for us.

Simon (25) was able to find out through a blood analysis that his body is not producing enough testosterone. Before the examination, our tester had suspected for a long time that something was hormonally wrong in his body. For example, hair did not grow on arms and legs during puberty. In addition, Simon (25) also has problems with sexuality and muscle building.

All of these symptoms can be traced back to a lack of testosterone. So far, however, our test subject did not want to take a prescription drug because he feared strong side effects. So we were excited to see whether the Testoryze drops would help him.

Day 1: Before we sent our tester home with the drops, we explained the exact intake to Simon (25). Consistent and regular use is of crucial importance for the resulting effect. The drops are to be taken in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before going to bed. Our tester didn’t have to consider any other points.

Day 15: Just two weeks after starting our Testoryze test, we were able to notice a clear change in our test subject. Our tester’s physical and mental condition had improved significantly. According to the company’s own information, it was taken without complications and there were no associated symptoms. According to Simon (25), the first changes were seen in improved concentration and sleep quality.

A short time later, the hair on the legs and arms began to grow. In addition, our test subject was able to determine an improvement in his erections and his sense of pleasure within the first two weeks of the test.

Day 30: Contrary to what was expected, the Testoryze drops showed a positive effect shortly after ingestion. So we were excited to see what results in our test subject had to report to us at the end of the test. The general well-being had again improved significantly, although side effects of the preparation still did not occur.

In addition to hair growth and better sexual performance, Simon (25) has now also noticed an increase in muscle mass. By taking the supplement regularly, our test subject was actually able to compensate for his existing testosterone deficiency.

Is there another effective alternative?

The results from our self-test speak for themselves: The effect of Testoryze could be clearly confirmed. Thus, the drops represent an excellent alternative to conventional testosterone preparations. But what if we could introduce you to another remedy that also naturally stimulates hormone production in the body?

Purely natural active ingredients such as L-arginine in the Testoryze Testo-Booster ensure better testosterone production. The effect of the capsules has already been confirmed in numerous studies and many of our readers are enthusiastic about this helper.

Testoryze ingredients

Due to the natural components they contain, the drops differ significantly from conventional and prescription testosterone preparations. Because the supplement stimulates the body’s own testosterone production without causing unwanted accompanying symptoms. The following substances are listed as Testoryze ingredients:

Pine needle oil: This is one of the main active ingredients in the drops, which is particularly characterized by an invigorating and stimulating effect.

Gamma-linolenic acid: Inflammation within the body, in particular, is positively influenced by this fatty acid, while at the same time various physical processes and functions are optimized. This includes the production of testosterone.

Saturated fatty acids: In addition to gamma-linolenic acid, the Testoryze drops also contain other fatty acids that, among other things, stimulate the production of the sex hormone testosterone.

Cannabinoids: Colloquially also known as hemp seeds, have an aphrodisiac and relaxing effect on the body, while the nutrients they contain support testosterone production.

Cinnamon extract: The spice has a particularly positive effect on blood sugar levels. This decrease in turn leads to a normalization of testosterone levels.

Olive oil: Olive oil has been a valuable aid to testosterone deficiency for some time. The nutrients contained support the body in the natural production of the hormone. The Testoryze ingredients are thus optimally supplemented.

When can an effect be expected?

Unfortunately, due to the natural components, a general Testoryze effect cannot be quantified in terms of time. Each organism absorbs the active ingredients it contains differently so that a mode of action can set in at different speeds. We were able to observe changes in our test subject within the first 14 days.

Other customers also report that the Testoryze effect sets in within the first two weeks of use.

Are there official test and study results for Testoryze?

In the interests of the user, the manufacturer has had the effect and the individual components of his preparation tested independently. Above all, the effect of Testoryze drops on potency and sexual performance was confirmed in various series of studies.

Who are the drops intended for?

If you suffer from a testosterone deficiency or want to prevent it, you belong to the target group that Testoryze is intended to address. In addition to the deficit of the hormone, associated symptoms or complaints are also resolved by taking the supplement.

These include decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, persistent fatigue and decreased performance, as well as decreased muscle growth and sleep problems.

Where can you buy Testoryze? dm, pharmacy, amazon

Unfortunately, our research revealed that your options are limited when it comes to buying Testoryze. For example, drugstores and pharmacies do not use the drops at all. We couldn’t find the product on eBay, Amazon, and Co. either.

Testoryze consumption recommendation – This is how it is taken and dosage

Of course, we do not want to withhold the correct Testoryze intake from you. This should be done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The practical pipette enables easy dosing of the drops. For example, three drops should be drizzled under the tongue at the time of intake.

It is important that the liquid remains in the oral cavity for 30 to 60 seconds, as the components are absorbed by the mucous membrane. However, the recommended daily dose of six Testoryze drops must not be exceeded.

Possible risks and side effects

When used properly, Testoryze side effects are not to be expected. However, this assumes that all the listed components of the drops are tolerated. If this is not the case, we advise against taking the preparation, as this can lead to undesirable accompanying symptoms due to allergies or hypersensitivity reactions.

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