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We welcome you on our news channel, a website for enjoying multiple news from various sections. In this page, we have shared all terms and conditions for using our site. You can access our terms of services via the internet and other platforms like television, RSS, mobile phone, desktop, etc. By using our website, you are requested to accept our terms and conditions. Once you registered as a user, make sure you have checked all terms carefully and agreed to every one.

We are free to change and make changes in terms whenever it required, hence it’s your duty to stay updated with our terms and policies always. Any changes we have made will be indicated on this page. While access to this page, you are subjected to accept the following terms.

  1. With our news channel website, you need to agree with our legal terms, which give take consequence instantly on the first use of our news channel. In case, you are not agreed to our terms or want to violate rules then you are requested to avoid our channel and do not use it for your purpose. For getting updates from us, you shall accept given terms.
  2. We can change our terms anytime they need. Don’t worry they will post changes online so you will get an easy update in your dashboard. When you are continued use of our news website you are legally agreed to our updated terms automatically.
  3. You are legally bounded not to copy, republish, download, reproduce, broadcast, transmit our contents for both commercial and non-commercial use. If we find you are using our content for personal use, it directly undergoes to the violation of rules. Resultant, you have to pay for this legally. In case you need our content then you have to ask from the Web Press Global team.
  4. Once you registered our site, you are agreed to lawful purposes in a way that that does not interfere with the rights of the news channel. Your behaviour should be polite to us in a way to get enjoyment. If we find any offensive comment or content within our site, it is considered as harassing behaviour. Make sure to stay positive and best with your co-readers.

Disclaimer of Penalty:

Web Press Global does not make any commitment to the content published on the site or any material used in proving the statement. You are requested not to rely on statements we have shared with you without considering professional advice. For example, if you are reading our beauty blog and find a remedy to get glowing skin. If that remedy won’t work or you find issues after using it then we are not a penalty for that. Nothing in the content is provided for a specific purpose. You should be extra careful and take advice from professionals too. All the information available on the site is just because we want to inform our readers. The information is not subjected to a particular person.

We are not giving guarantee to particular tips or remedy we have shared. Along with this, we do not give warrant to the content until we got recommendations for the information, names, images, logos, icons and more you found on our news website.

From our website, you can get access to third-party links too. These third-party sites are not under control by us. We are not responsible for anything that happens to you from the third-party links. You are requested to go through the third-party privacy policy and terms before making your final decision. We are not responsible for any content they have published.

Whereas Web Press Global is also not responsible for any losses or damages occur after getting into third-party links. The damages include:

  1. Loss of money
  2. Failure of profits.
  3. Failure of chances.
  4. Get injury or side effects.
  5. Any direct or consequential losses occur.
  6. Cause infection.

In case you are under 18:

  • It is required for all adults please get permission from your parent or guardian before accessing our news channel or any particular content.
  • You are strictly requested not to share your personal information with an unknown person such as name, address, home address, etc.

Third-party Links & Content on Our News Channel:

When you see advertising material submitted by the third-party on our news channel. Only advertisers are responsible for those published as and material. Web Press Global has no link to it. We do not accept any responsibility for the content regarding advertising, error, server response, inaccuracy and more. You are requested to use or access the content as per your own risk.

Submission of Text for Publications:

If you are a regular user of our site and would like to send your text in various areas of the site. We do not accept any legal rights and respect to the material submitted by any users or published by our readers. We are not liable to any published and accuracy of the content.

If you would like to submit your content or material to us on our news channel, then you can easily analyse the following terms and conditions to us.

  1. The publication you would like to submit us will be at your choice and preference. We always reserve the rights to add or delete to make text or graphics to publications or to deny the publication.
  2. With publications, you can receive grants, non-exclusive, and royalty-free for publishing and republishing the content. You need to send your content in a format including print or electronic format.
  3. While submitting content to us make sure your content is genuine and does not publish on any other platform. The work should contain copyright and other relevant rights that you need.
  4. You should warrant that the material you submit us does not include any offensive languages and words.
  5. Must acknowledge any of these warranties do not cause any damage to our readers and third-party liabilities. You need to assure us the submitting material does not include consequential losses.
  6. You need to agree on not to post it submit any spam content to us.
  7. We have all the rights to delete or add your content if needed. If we believe you have written something really good we approach your work and post it on our channel. Or if we find you are abusing us and violating our rules, we may delete your account or do not post your content.

How to Submit Graphical Material to Us?

If you would like to send your photograph or other graphical material with your content then you need to follow it with our terms of use. It means you need to agree with the terms and conditions regarding the photographs and graphic submissions to us. While submitting the graphics you have to take permission from the authorised owner of the photograph than send to us. if he is getting a royalty-free, licence free, and non-exclusive to publish then we can use the photograph in a way we want. The photograph may include not be slanderous and not break any laws.

Your selected graphical material or a photograph will be published at the discretion of the editor, and you will also be paid with the photographs and the content we have published.

We have all the rights to cut crop or arrange the photograph according to the content that we need. We may also remove the photographs or graphics at any time when we need. Your name will be published along with a photograph or a graphic you have submitted. Therefore, we can also be deleted or edit the comments, which you can submit along with your photographs.

Safety Precautions:

Our reader’s safety is very important that we always recommend to all of our readers that they do not reveal any other personal information regarding account on this channel and please do not include your postal address While submitting your details on it. This will be helpful not to leak out your personal information with third-party sources.

General Information:

Keep in mind these terms may change time to time, so you are requested to keep updated with all terms from time to time. If you would like to continue with our services, then keep posted and updated with our terms regularly.

Moreover, we do our best in every way to provide a guarantee of genuine information without issues. We always checked our content personally, so the user can get most out from us. But, we do not accept liability against anything.

Law & Jurisdiction:

All the given terms and conditions shall be regulated and comprehended by the laws of India, the most important information technology in 2020. All the given laws and legislation, orders, and notifications will also apply to our terms of services.

If you would like to browse our site then you should agree to the privacy policy. Also, you need to check our disclaimer policy while accessing our site.