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Bitcoin Society Reviews, Scam, Experiences 2021 – Trading Bot Put To The Test

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Automated trading robots are about to change trading in the financial markets – they are used more and more frequently. Bitcoin Society promises its users high profits in just a short time – but is that really the case?

What is the Bitcoin Society good for? What profits can you make? Is Bitcoin Society a scam? We describe our Bitcoin Society experiences in detail and give you step-by-step instructions for opening your user account.

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What is Bitcoin Society?

Bitcoin Society is a provider of an automated trading robot that can independently trade forex and cryptocurrencies on behalf of investors in the financial markets. The deposited money is invested in promising trades according to preferences and risk tolerance.

Automated trading robots have been around since the mid-1990s when they were first used by hedge funds and institutional investors on New York’s Wall Street. Thanks to technical progress, this advanced technology can now also be used by private investors.

  • Automated trading robots are therefore completely legal and are being used more and more frequently.  

Developed by mathematicians, statisticians, and experienced traders, the Bitcoin Society trading bot can monitor the financial markets in real-time and determine optimal entry and exit times for trading.

Because the underlying algorithm can predict future price developments with a high degree of probability, it is possible for the trading robot to open promising trades and usually achieve high returns.

Bitcoin Society registration: Open an account in 3 steps

To open an account with Bitcoin Society, three simple steps have to be completed: after registering with the provider and paying into the trading account, automated trading can begin.

Step 1: Registration

To the right of the explanatory video, you will find a registration form that should be filled in with your first name, last name, telephone number, and email address.

Below the blue button, the ticks for consent to data processing, terms and conditions, and data protection guidelines must be ticked.

By clicking on the ” Submit ” button, the data will be sent to Bitcoin Society and the user account will be created.

You will then be forwarded directly to the trading platform.

Step 2: the deposit

In the next step, you have to pay into your trading account so that the automated trading robot can become active for you.

The provider supports several payment methods, with credit cards being the easiest and fastest. No deposit fees are charged.

We recommend our readers only make the minimum deposit to see for themselves how the software works. Further payments can be made at a later point in time.

Step 3: trading

The automated trading robot now takes over the crypto trading for the user. Even if the trading robot promises a high accuracy rate of over 80%, the risks of the investment should be pointed out.

Users should view the trading robot as an investment experiment. No profits can be guaranteed, there is a risk of capital loss. The trading robot can be deactivated and taken offline at any time, which we also strongly recommend in volatile market phases. When the market turmoil is over, automated trading can be reactivated.

Is there a Bitcoin Society app?

Mobile trading has now become the standard, there is hardly an online broker or trading platform that does not allow trading on the smartphone today. Unfortunately, there is currently no Bitcoin Society app for iOS or Android – which we find a bit disappointing.

However, you have a practical alternative to the Bitcoin Society app, because you can call the Bitcoin Society trading platform directly in the browser on your smartphone. As an investor, this means that you can view your trades at any time and check the transaction history; the presentation of the website is optimized for mobile devices.

It is quite possible that a Bitcoin Society app may be launched in the near future – we hope so anyway.

Is there a Bitcoin Society demo account?

A demo account is a great invention with which the services of a broker or trading platform can be tried out free of charge and risk-free. But is there also a Bitcoin Society demo account?

The answer is: unfortunately not at the moment. We did not find any information about a demo account on the provider’s website or in our testSo users have no choice but to try out the trading robot in live trading right away. 

We strongly advise you to start with the minimum amount of € 250. It is advisable to explore the functioning of the trading bot as risk-free as possible, further funds can be added at any time.

Is it a Bitcoin Society scam?

The current boom that automated Bitcoin trading robots are experiencing has unfortunately also led to the market presence of some questionable providers. The uncertainty among investors is understandable, some readers wonder whether Bitcoin Society is a fraud.

In the meantime, you can already find the first reviews on external websites in which users report their Bitcoin Society experiences. On closer analysis of these testimonials, it can be seen that the users are satisfied with the services of the trading bot.

  • From this one can conclude that it is in principle a legitimate offer.

However, the extremely high-profit promises on the Bitcoin Society website are to be viewed as exaggerated, the promise to get rich quickly with minimal effort is not entirely worthy of the marketing of a reputable company.

However, the provider would do well to be a little more transparent with information about his company and algorithm. We do not find a clear imprint on the website, nor do we receive information about the exact parameters according to which the trading robot acts.

Security – is Bitcoin Society serious?

Anyone who decides to use an automated trading robot should precede their decision with careful thought and research. Customer service is of great importance because the most experienced investors may arise from time to time questions on topics such as deposit, installation, operation, or withdrawals.

  • The Bitcoin Society customer service is exemplary here and is available to its customers from Monday to Friday around the clock via email or chat.  

Data protection is also an important asset that Bitcoin Society has taken on. The terms of use and the data protection declaration indicate that the provider has committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The customer’s privacy is protected here.

Only regulation by a financial supervisory authority, as requested by some investors, we cannot determine at Bitcoin Society – unfortunately the website does not contain any information on this.

Bitcoin Society advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • No fees or commissions
  • Courteous 24/7 customer service
  • Forex and crypto trading
  • Credit card as a deposit method
  • Over 80% accuracy rate


  • Excessive profit promises by the provider
  • Lack of transparency in the robot’s historical data

Our conclusion on the Bitcoin Society test

Bitcoin Society’s trading robot promises its users to make solid profits through automated trading in cryptocurrencies and forex with an effectiveness rate of over 80%.

Anyone who has no experience with crypto investments would do well to study the matter more closely before using a crypto robot. In addition, the potential market volatility for cryptocurrencies with strong price fluctuations must be considered. Above all, those who consider trading with leverage must be absolutely aware of these dangers.

In our research, we found no evidence that could support the incredibly high-profit promises. In principle, you should always be very skeptical if a return of 300-400% is promised within a few days. However, our analysis also showed that Bitcoin Society is not a scam. The crypto robot can actually generate profits for its users, but its use is primarily recommended in stable market phases.  

The use of the trading robot is primarily advisable for experienced traders who use the bot as part of a more complex and balanced investment strategy. In no case should you start with more than the minimum deposit of € 250? Investors should look for a balanced overall portfolio that takes into account their individual risk tolerance and financial situation and comprises several asset classes.

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