Privacy Policy

We always take care of our clients to build trust in us. Our dedicated team is wholly transparent on collecting your personal data and maintaining the privacy of our valued readers. We have shared how we collect the data, how we used it, and whom the data is shared on this privacy policy page.

The privacy policy page signifies the users are agreed to our conditions. When the user visits or uses our website ( via mobile, tablet, desktop, or any other device that links or refers to us. There is no intervention of the government, big companies, or any other means.

When you reached our website and accepted our privacy policy, it means you are agreed to our terms and conditions. If you do not know what it is and how it is used, then we strongly recommend you to read this privacy policy. Hence, you can better know about our website in detail. Also, you get to know our use of the collected information from our readers.

We are free to change our privacy policy whenever we want. Therefore, you should stay updated with our changes.

The Purpose of the Information We Obtain

When a user reaches our website via links through a mobile, tablet, or another device automatically or from third parties, we gather all the information we need.

While registering to our services, we ask you to fill certain details of yours such as name, phone number, sex, email address, the area you’re living, computer IP address, etc. To better the user experience, we continue the same login details to log in their account even via third-party platforms like Facebook, browsers, etc.

We collect only limited information from the user just for knowing how much the audience reaches our page. The information we collect like your computer address that does not identify your personal details. We also collect the information from your computer that how you reach our website or page such as an app, browser, device, mobile, referring domains, etc.  With this information, we easily analyze the traffic to our website, advertising trends, feature content, etc. This helps us in tailoring our content, ads, etc to reach and satisfy the more targeted audience.

How Do We Collect The Information?

When a user registers on our website, we collect information directly from you as follows.

  1. It doesn’t matter you registered with us or not, we collect the information whenever you browse us on the internet via search or responding to our emails from us.
  2. When a user posts a comment or as a question to us via email or phone.
  3. We get information when a user registers with us via social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. With this, the user has to accept the privacy policy in order to store or collect information from you.
  4. We also accept information by accepting terms and conditions or cookies in the browsers.
  5. We collect information from both devices too. For example, the user is searching via his phone, tablet, or another device, we get complete access to know about your IP address, geo-location, browse, and other customized information on all devices and browsers.
  6. We also collect location information based on your search or enable GPS feature on the phone or tablet.

What is Cookie Policy & How We Track?

We also collect data from cookies. These are small files that contain the amount of information that is downloaded in your computer or the mobile devices when you visit our page or website. If you visit our website again or visit our partner’s website that recognizes our cookies. With this, your device is able to communicate our website easily by reading the information present in the cookies.

The cookies help you to efficiently browse the websites to cut down your searching time without re-entering details when you visit. This gives quick navigation to the website that enhances user experience. The use of cookies helps you to broaden your search and analyze how we can improve the search experience of our readers.

Well, it’s completely your decision whether to accept or decline cookies in your device or browser. Most of the customers accept cookies just because of managing their experience, and sometimes browsers accept cookies automatically without giving you a notification. For more information, you can manage the cookies in your browsers such as Google Chrome, internet explorer, and more. With this, you may easily prevent your website experience with ease without affecting links, services, and features. The information collected by cookies is not privately identifiable.

Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google that helps us to track the website, so we can monitor the use of our services. With this information, google can easily track the website performance and identify the ads which need to be displayed. You can opt for the Google Analytics tool by adding it to your browser. These add-ons will help us to identify the source of traffic to the website.

Our Website May Contain Some Links to Other Websites

While accessing our services, you may see some of the other website’s links that are not regulated by us personally. These are third party links, which refers to as affiliate links. When you click on these links we may get some commission. But we also strongly recommend you to review the third party policy before making any decision. We have no access to those links and no control over the content of the third party.

How We Use The Collected Data?

We use your collected data in the following manner.

  1. Manage our services

When you register a website and subscribe to our newsletter or shared your email, we use this for sending you details of our featured products and services. Moreover, it includes personalized content according to your preferences. Through this, we can easily alter and know about individual interests and necessities.

  1. Contacting you

We use your personal details just to contact you easily via mail or phone. This purpose of doing this to share important updates with you, so you can grab the opportunity with us.

  1. Alter advertising

We also use your information to alter our advertising policies to share only targeted ads, services, etc to reach more audiences. Usually, this kind of information includes Google analytics and cookies. This helps us to know more relevant ads that work for our customer needs.

  1. Know about our audience

While checking our privacy policy, we get access to demographics, consumer behavior, and other information we need to collect. This helps us to serve our users to improve their products and services.

How We Share Collected Information?

Well, our procedures may depend on the data we have collected.

  1. Social media accounts

Once you log into your social account and want to connect with our services, you will share social media information with us. Then we can access your social media. If you do not want to share this information with us then you can decline the social media connect with us.

  1. Third-party

If you would like to connect with third party members like affiliate channels then we can share information of yours with them. So, you can receive updates according to your interest.

  1. Service Providers

We also share this information with advertising service providers and list managers. Moreover, we share appropriate information while accessing payments for our services and making complete transactions with us.

  1. Protect our users

We share collected data also because we believe in protecting our user’s privacy from hackers. Our team encrypts the personal data under the legal process. So, no one can share or use your data until you haven’t shared it with another party.

How Long We Will Keep Your Data?

It depends on your petition. As long as your account us active, we will take care of your personal data. Once you close your account, all the information will be deleted.