Binance New Coins 2024: The Next Coins At A Glance

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Bear market or not, the crypto market is still the future for many. We show which new coins may soon be listed on Binance. Because brand new cryptocurrencies only have one goal: a Binance listing to benefit from a much larger community.

New Binance Coins — These coins may soon be available on Binance

  1. Dogeverse – $DOGEVERSE is the first multi chain Doge coin. This token allows you to effortlessly traverse multiple blockchains and prepare for the upcoming Binance listing.
  2. Sealana  Possibly the fattest Solana meme coin of 2024 has a good chance of a Binance listing because the obese sea lion has an important mission: to find the next big Solana meme coin. The highlight: he launches it himself.
  3. Vienna AI – Hybrid Coin made from Dachshund and AI; Community, also known as the “Sausage Army,” can earn daily staking rewards; if presale is successful, $WAI could take off.
  4. Mega Dice Token – The $DICE Token and possible new Binance Coin is a cutting-edge iGaming coin that features rewards, airdrops & remarkable growth potential.
  5. 99Bitcoins – This new token offers an innovative learn-to-earn initiative on the Bitcoin blockchain that revolutionizes crypto education and rewards to position itself as the best new Binance coin.
  6. 5thScape – VR token is launching as a harbinger of an extensive, new VR ecosystem. In the presale, the token is only available for a short time for a mere $0.00187.
  7. Sponge V2 – This new token that will potentially transform the German crypto sector is launching soon on Binance. As a P2E utility token, it has the potential for a sensational IPO.
  8. Smog Token – The brand new $SMOG token is poised for a strong rise. Participate in the largest airdrop in history on Solana. No presale, but a direct coin launch on Jupiter Exchange.

Coins Most Likely to Be Listed on Binance – Overview

It is not yet known in every case whether and when the following coins will be listed on Binance. But what is already becoming apparent is that each of the following tokens has already left its mark on the crypto world and therefore more than deserves a Binance listing.

If you already know which cryptocurrency makes sense to buy and are just waiting for a Binance listing, the most likely new Binance Coins are explained in detail here.

1. Dogeverse – First true multi-chain Dogecoin

During the current bull run in 2024, the innovative $DOGEVERSE token emerged and is now considered one of the most promising new Binance Coins. With access to blockchains such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, this token achieves multi-chain status, offering unparalleled flexibility and interoperability. This vision is also reflected in a positive Dogeverse forecast.


$DOGEVERSE explores the space and goes beyond the traditional meme coin by telling its own original story that enhances its appeal and cultivates deep presale potential. Thanks to its Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology, the project enables world-class cross-chain transactions, solving a widespread problem in the crypto industry: blockchain fragmentation.

During the ICO presales, purchasing $DOGEVERSE is intentionally made easy to meet the needs of German traders, as the project aims to be as accessible as possible. Through its innovative multi-chain functionality and focus on a thriving, inclusive community, $DOGEVERSE has established itself as one of the most notable new Binance Coins.

Presales started April 2024
Purchase method ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum Blockchain
Hard cap $20 billion
Minimum investment none
Max investment none

2. Solana – Emerging coin with prospects of listing on top exchanges

Sealana, the slightly overweight sea lion, has only one goal in mind: He is constantly looking for the next big Solana meme coin. Inspired by a famous character from South Park who is obsessed with World of Warcraft, Sealana is so immersed in his mission that he forgets to pay attention to his diet.

Instead of healthy food, he prefers to devour chips and canned tuna while sitting in front of his PC for days and nights browsing the markets. Our SEAL forecast suggests that Sealana could soon become the focus of exchange giant Binance due to its mission and strong marketing.

sealana binance coin

By purchasing SOL, you can feed Sealana and help him track down the next SOL Meme Coin breakthrough and finally escape the basement of his mother’s house. Sealana offers a “Send to Wallet” presale. To invest in the new cryptocurrency, you can either use the website widget or send SOL directly to the presale wallet.

After the SEAL presales have been completed, the tokens will be delivered via airdrop. The Sealana wallet address is DJ15ZYXqUNMYJ3hL7z4ciSaSFAw5cbos3YjGpdvwmF6c. (1 Sol = 6,900 $SEAL).

Note: If tokens are sent directly to the wallet, you must use a DEX wallet. Tokens sent from CEXs do not qualify for the airdrop.

Chain Solana
Purchase method SEAL
Token price 1 Sol = 6,900 $SEAL
Max. investment Not specified

3. Wiener AI – Dog Meme Coin with strong APY

To achieve its ambitious goals (such as DEX & CEX launch), $WAI has strategically developed its tokenomics, which allocates 30% for presale, 40% for staking and community rewards, and the remaining tokens for marketing and DEX/CEX liquidity.

Vienna Dog PresaleWith a total supply of 69 billion tokens, $WAI is committed to fostering extensive community engagement and a global success story. Starting with the Sausage Army launch, $WAI’s roadmap consists of significant improvements and expansions. The Vienna AI forecasts also point to a positive development.

Presale started April 2024
Purchase method ETH, USDT, BNB
Chain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Token Total 69 billion
Max. investment None

4. Mega Dice Token – Solana Chain, GameFi & Airdrops

The Mega Dice Casino Token ($DICE) is expected to be available on the Binance platform this year, enriching the gaming experience for iGaming enthusiasts.

The integration of the presale token into the popular Mega Dice Casino, which already has over 50,000 users and generates significant monthly revenue, highlights the token’s potential for rapid expansion and widespread adoption.

mega dice token new binance coin

The appeal of $DICE is enhanced by sophisticated tokenomics that include generous airdrops to strengthen user loyalty. The distribution of tokens aims to increase the long-term adoption and liquidity of $DICE.

Additionally, a special daily reward system is introduced for $DICE holders, which is closely linked to the casino’s performance. This creates a direct link between the value of the token and the operational success of the casino.

These features, along with exclusive NFTs, position $DICE favorably and create the potential to soon be listed as a new Binance coin, highlighting its ability to generate significant returns and have a lasting impact in the cryptocurrency sector.

Presales started April 2024
Purchase method ETH, SOL, BNB
Token price 1 $DICE = $0.069
Chain SOL
Soft cap $5,000,000
Hard cap $10,000,000

5. 99Bitcoins – Innovative learn-to-earn platform on the Bitcoin Blockchain

99Bitcoins, one of the newest Binance Coins, stands out for its interesting combination of blockchain rewards and education. With its massive user base of over 2 million registered users and 700,000 YouTube subscribers, this token can demonstrate its commitment to crypto education and is at the forefront with its new learn-to-earn framework within the Bitcoin blockchain.

99bitcoins new binance coin

The decision to move to BRC-20 not only represents a foray into unknown blockchain domains but also coincides with notable events, including the next Bitcoin halving.

By strategically allocating 99,000,000,000 tokens from the total supply for presale, staking, community rewards, liquidity, and marketing, the token is positioned to receive even greater support from its ecosystem and its presence in the market to expand.

Thanks to the exclusive trading signals and highly interesting content, the 99BTC token will establish itself as perhaps one of the best new Binance coins in 2024. This shows a clever approach that takes education and reward into account.

Presales started April 2024
Purchase method ETH, USDT, BNB, credit card
Soft cap $5,353,425
Hard cap $11,070,675
Chain ETH, late transition to BRC20
Max investment No Max Invest

6. 5th Scape – Connects crypto with the VR ecosystem

The brand new 5SCAPE token may also soon be available on Binance. In any case, the new token has already enjoyed a few mentions in the Binance news. However, the road to the Binance listing is still a long one.

The new Ethereum token is currently available for purchase in a classic presale. The cost is just $0.00187. The token has already generated a lot of interest in the past few weeks since the start of the presale.

Investors have already invested over $850,000 in the new project. The goal of the presale is to reach the price mark of $1,250,000. The token’s launch is set for the third quarter of 2024, meaning the token could make it to Binance this year.

active since January 8, 2024
Purchase method Presale (credit card, crypto coins)
Chain Ethereum Blockchain
Hard cap $15,000,000
Minimum investment $10
Max investment No Max Invest

7. Sponge V2 – New P2E coin for all Sponge V1 fans

Sponge Token V2 has quickly catapulted to the top among potential Binance listings, especially in the German crypto market. The unique features of this revolutionary token and its planned expansion path make it a widely discussed topic – which fits well with the investment appetite of the German crypto community.

Sponge V2’s special staking process, where rewards in V2 are earned by owning Sponge V1, is the main attraction. This method meets the German market’s desire for sustainable investments by offering a safe investment opportunity.

Given Binance’s wide reach and influence, the possibility of listing Sponge V2 on the platform is being heavily discussed. A listing on one of the best-known crypto exchanges would significantly increase the awareness of the token and offer German investors a viable investment alternative by purchasing the Sponge V2.

A potential Binance listing could bring even more attention to Sponge Token V2 due to its creative strategy, community engagement, and promising roadmap. And the Sponge V2 forecasts also look good!

Presale started December 2023
Purchase method ETH, USDT, bank card
Chain Ethereum
Based on Sponge V1
Token Total 150 billion
Max. investment None

8. Smog – Brand new coin, available directly on Jupiter Exchange

In the list of potential future Binance listings, the $SMOG token particularly stands out and is arousing the interest of crypto fans and investors.

As a token on the Solana blockchain, $SMOG stands out with its bold claim of being the “biggest airdrop in history.” This bold statement, along with $SMOG’s unique features, makes it a strong candidate for inclusion on top exchanges like Binance. Our smog forecasts certainly look very good.

smog could become new binance listing

By ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, $SMOG embodies the absolute openness and fairness that leading exchanges promote. This increases its appeal for listing discussions supported by Web3 experts – experts who have also developed other world-famous meme coins.

A dynamic addition to any investment portfolio, a $SMOG purchase has the potential to encourage long-term investments through its revolutionary reward system that distributes airdrop points to holders.

With a significant portion of the token supply going into marketing and airdrop rewards, $SMOG has a solid strategy for long-term development and market penetration. This suggests that the project could meet the requirements for an exchange listing, including high trading volume and liquidity.

Coin launch February 2024
Purchase method SOL
Chain SPL
In total 1,400,000,000 tokens
Special feature gigantic airdrop
SolScan Live data

How often are there new coins on Binance?

It’s not that easy to say how often there are new coins on Binance. For example, there is no Binance new coins list. Nobody knows when and which cryptocurrencies will be added to Binance. Sometimes Binance announces new listings just hours before launch.

It often helps if you ask around in the scene and follow predictions because Binance itself will most likely not tell you when a new, promising coin will be listed.

One of the reasons for this is that a lot of new cryptocurrencies come onto the market every day and they all have the same goal: a listing on Binance. Because this signals that the project has potential and is presented to an audience of millions. If you want to find new tokens, the Innovation Zone, where you can also find MAGIC, and the Launchpad on Binance are your best places to start.

That’s why buying new Binance listings makes sense

Following Binance’s new listings and selecting coins for future investments can be a worthwhile strategy because:

  • A Binance listing means an almost guaranteed rally following the listing because Binance puts the coin in front of an audience of millions.
  • so you can discover new, innovative crypto projects. As a rule, new Binance listings are still quite young projects, such as the examples mentioned above.
  • It doesn’t get much bigger than Binance. Millions of users, 24-hour trades, and a staggering trading volume of over $23 billion. If you don’t strike here, when will you?

A Binance listing is almost a guarantee of success in the first few hours and sometimes days. But keep in mind that this initial rally is often followed by an equally strong dip. Nevertheless, Binance is one of the best crypto exchanges for buying young and promising coins.

How to find the next coins from Binance Listings

Do you want to buy new coins on Binance, but are you always too late when a coin is first listed on Binance? Then change your strategy. As we have already established, Binance cannot be relied upon for information about new launches.

Simply waiting for new listings on the platform is not reliable. Therefore, you need to find other ways away from Binance that allow you to estimate which coins could soon be listed on Binance and what potential they have.

Keep an eye on presales

If you had to find a commonality among most of the crypto projects described above, you would probably find that most of them are currently hosting a presale or have already gone through a presale. Presales secure the financing of these projects and are also a good indicator of the status of the project.

Apart from that, you can evaluate the coin at your leisure during the presale. If you consider an investment to be worthwhile, you can purchase the coin during the presale for a fraction of its later listing price.

In some cases, purchasing in the presale also comes with other advantages. Once the coin is listed, the price will skyrocket and you will have the chance to make profitable profits in the first few hours.

Subscribe to Binance’s new listings alert

Binance is reluctant to announce its new listings in advance. With a bit of luck, you’ll catch wind of it a few hours before a new listing. But often this will not be the case. Once a new coin is listed, Binance will be happy to notify its users about the new investment opportunity. However, you have to set up the alarm yourself.

To be notified of new listings, you will need to either keep an eye on Binance’s announcements page or set up an alert through a third party. All new listings are documented on the Announcements page, which is updated regularly. Third parties have made it their mission to notify their users whenever such a message is published on the announcement page.

Online channels

Aside from Binance’s announcements and the projects themselves, social media is a good place to go for rumors and announcements surrounding future Binance listings.

  • Reddit: Join Reddit cryptocurrency discussion forums dedicated to promising crypto projects. You can get valuable information about an upcoming listing here.
  • Telegram: On the one hand, you can join groups on Telegram where you will be informed about new listings. On the other hand, you can also join the discussion groups of promising coins and listen to their rumor mill.
  • Twitter: Last but not least, Twitter has become almost infamous for the fact that news from the crypto world originates here. Tweets from projects, statements from experts, and leaks can give you information about upcoming listings.

Buy new coins – not just from Binance

Of course, you don’t have to limit your hunt for new, promising coins to the crypto giant Binance. Binance is far from the only trading venue where you can find new projects.

Binance is not even the best marketplace for new coins, as they already have a certain traction and popularity when they are listed on Binance. You have the best chance of making profits if you tackle projects at the root. This is best achieved at alternative centralized and decentralized trading venues.

One of the best Binance alternatives is MEXC. The crypto exchange generally offers the best overall package. Our MEXC experiences confirm that the exchange offers excellent conditions in many respects, especially the app.


Binance regularly stocks its catalog with new, promising coins. But your best way to succeed with these coins is to invest in them BEFORE they are even listed on Binance. Familiarize yourself with the above projects in depth. Each of them solves an important problem, and has an exciting application or an active community that makes them the best candidates for a listing on Binance. If you want to be successful in your hunt for new coins, you’d better get up early.

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